Pricing Options

MCP Deals and savings Plans

It’s hard to tell whether you’re getting a good value if you don’t know exactly what you’re paying for. Here at MCP Propane, we offer propane at a fair price with no hidden fees including no delivery fees nor hazmat fees. Additionally, we want you to pay for propane in a way that makes sense for your budget. That’s why we offer various propane programs that work for you.

Pre-Buy Program

Rather than ride out the unavoidable pricing fluctuations in the winter, many customers prefer the certainty of enrolling in our Prebuy Program. If prices go up during the winter season, you don’t have to worry because your price has already been set at a lower price. However, if price drops, your price remains at the prebuy price

This program not only allows you to save on your annual propane expense, it allows you to choose the payment option most convenient for you:

100% Pre-Buy - Pay 100% when you sign up.

4-Pay* - Pay 25% down and 25% per month for three months.

* There will be a $20 service charge for split billing.

* Credit application required.

Budget Billing Program

With the Budget Payment Plan, you’ll rest easy knowing that your propane bills won’t be sky high in the winter. This propane service program allows you to even out your payments for propane over a specified period to offset high heating bills typically incurred during cold weather.

The Budget Payment provides one set, predictable monthly payment for 11 months to save for the winter. We look at your account for usage and calculate an average monthly payment.

* Program starts on May 1st and last 12 months.

* Credit application required.

* Credit card with auto payment required

Auto-Fill Program

The last thing anyone wants during the cold winter is to realize at the end of the day that you have run out of propane. NOT a pleasant way to spend the night waiting to request a delivery truck. Considering your busy life, wouldn’t it be helpful to know that our delivery drivers can automatically fill your tank as they are in your area on their normal route?

With MCP Propane's Auto-Fill Program, our friendly delivery drivers will check your tank while they are on their regular route and fill when needed approximately once every month.

You won’t need to check your tank gauge or worry about running out of propane we'll deliver when you need it. Credit approval may be required for some programs.

* Tank monitor is required.
  $10.00 per month charge for the monitor.

* Credit application required.

* Credit card with auto payment required.

MCP offers volume discounts, $0.05 for 500 - 799 gallons and a $0.10 discount on 800 gallons or more!